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Press Report

Sensor Manufacturer Lufft ranks among the TOP 100 Innovators

Lufft joins Germany's innovation elite - Honored by TOP 100 mentor Ranga Yogeshwar. For the twenty-third time, the TOP 100 - Germany?s most innovative small and medium-sized companies - are acclaimed. This year, G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH belongs to this innovation elite. More to read in the press release, published on 27. June 2016.
2016-06-27-PM_Sensor_Manufacturer_Lufft_Ranks_Among_TOP_100_Companies_en.pdf (449,6 kB)

MARWIS Product Film recognized with international prizes

Press release about international award winnings for the product film about the mobile road sensor MARWIS. (Published in May 2016)
2016-05-25-PM_MARWIS_Product_film_recognized_with_international_prizes_EN.pdf (2.484,2 kB)

Lufft introduces new visibility sensor VS2k and launches MARWIS 2.0

Two innovations are to supplement the product portfolio of G. Lufft, the sensor manufacturer based at Fellbach. The new VS2k-UMB visibility sensor will replace the VS20-UMB optical sensor from the middle of May. The award-winning technology among the Lufft sensors, the MARWIS mobile road sensor, is getting a useful update. (Published 21. April 2016)
160421_PR_Lufft-introduces-new-visibility-sensor-VS2k-and-launches-MARWIS-2_EN.pdf (328,4 kB)

First Presentation of a new class of Weather Sensor at AMS

Press Release of the first presentation of a new class of Weather Sensor at AMS Show in New Orleans, USA. (Published on 7. January, 2016)
160107_PR_First_Presentation_of_new_class_of_Weather_Sensor_at_AMS_WS3000_02_EN.pdf (328,0 kB)

Acquisition of Lufft by Hach Company Affiliate

Press release about the acquisition of Lufft by an affiliate of Hach Company, Ott Hydromet GmbH with comments from Lufft-CEO Klaus Hirzel, President of Hach Environmental Glenn Cruger and Dr. Anton Felder, President and Managing Director of the Sutron/Ott Hydromet. (Published December 21st, 2015)

MARWIS awarded with Innovation Award of Baden-Württemberg

Baden-Württemberg's State Secretary at the Ministry of Finances Peter Hofelich handed our general managers a EUR 10,000 high endowed Innovation Award on November 12, 2015. The award which is also known as Dr. Rudolf Eberle Prize goes to medium-sized companies from industry, craft and technological service for outstanding developments. More information can be found in the linked press release (published on November 16, 2015).
151116_PM_Innovationspreis_BW_2015_MARWIS_EN.pdf (422,5 kB)

As fast as lightning: The new weather sensor with lightning detection

First announcement of the WS800, the weather sensor, in which a lightning detector is integrated for the first time. It is built into the housing of the WS700 weather sensor and therefore looks the same. All details in the linked press release (published on October 13, 2015).
2015-10-13_As_fast_as_lightning_the_new_weather_sensor_WS800_EN.pdf (260,5 kB)

Gold for Lufft Product Film: Lufft I-Box Spot receives several international Awards

Another Lufft product film received several international awards in Hamburg and Houston, Texas, USA. With this the hired film crew from Kempten repeats their success of the previous year (published on July 23, 2015).
20150723_Lufft_I-BOX_product_film_awarded_with_international_film_prizes_EN.pdf (241,9 kB)

Netherlands Cloud Height measured by Sensors from Lufft

In the near future, the cloud height in the Netherlands will be measured by the cloud height sensors CHM 15k from Lufft. Lufft left no stone unturned, to fulfill all requirements of the recent ceilometer tender of the Dutch royal weather service KNMI. More to read in the press release (published May 20th 2015)
2015_05_20_PR_Netherlands_Cloud_Height_measured_by_Sensors_from_Lufft__en.pdf (372,5 kB)

Ultrasonic wind sensors for the DWD's maritime monitoring network come from Lufft

In a call for bids for the renewal and extension of ultrasonic wind sensors in the maritime monitoring network of the German Weather Service, the ultrasonic wind sensor Ventus won the day against all competitive products. (Published end of April, 2015)
150428_PR_Ultrasonic_wind_sensors_for_the_DWDs_maritime_monitoring_network_come_from_Lufft_en.pdf (322,9 kB)

Lufft wins INDUSTRIEPREIS 2015 with mobile sensor MARWIS

As part of the German award INDUSTRIEPREIS 2015 Lufft has been elected as overall winner at the start of the industry trade fair HANNOVER MESSE. The measuring instrument of the German measurement and control technology company stood out as an outstanding solution to all of the 14 category winners and was thus also the overall winner of this year's competition. With this the Lufft GmbH left large companies such as Daimler AG, Bosch Rexroth AG or Carl Zeiss MicroImaging GmbH behind. (published 15th April 2015)
150416_PR_Lufft_wins_INDUSTRIEPREIS_2015_with_mobile_sensor_MARWIS_en.pdf (339,8 kB)

Lufft delivers more than 100 Ceilometers to German Weather Service (DWD)

The DWD (Deutscher Wetterdienst meaning German Weather Service) is convinced, that a large number of cloud height sensors CHM 15k from the company G. Lufft will be used in the future. In a tender starting in September 2014 the meteorological institute stated, that overaged models will be replaced by over 100 Lufft sensors step by step. (Press Release March 11, 2015)
150211_PM_Lufft_delivers_more_than_100_Ceilometers_to_German_Weather_Service_DWD_EN.pdf (292,7 kB)

Lufft Compact weather sensor with Secondary Standard to revolutionize PV-Monitoring

As of now the Compact weather sensor from Lufft WS510-UMB, equipped with a Kipp & Zonen pyrometer of the secondary standards, unites the precision of a variety of meteorological individual sensors in a single all-in-one device for the first time. (published March 2015)
150303_PM_Lufft_Compact_weather_sensor_with_Secondary_Standard_to_revolutionize_PV-Monitoring_EN.pdf (403,0 kB)

PRISM Award: Lufft among the last three Finalists

On Wednesday, the 11th of February 2015, the Prism Award ceremony took place in San Francisco. It counts as the most important prize in the fotonic industry. Lufft was among the last three finalists. Further details in the press release from 12th of February 2015.
150212_Lufft_Lufft_among_Finalists_Prism_Award_en.pdf (387,7 kB)

Lufft is the Audience Favorite at Global Connect Award 2014

In the evening of November 4th, 2014, we got the audience award at Global Connect Awards during a solemn prize giving ceremony. The award honors mid-size businesses, which are active in foreign countries and record outstanding entrepreneurial accomplishments (published 05-11-2014).
141105_PR_Lufft_is_Audience_Favorite_at_Global_Connect_Award_en.pdf (101,1 kB)

Lufft announces new weather sensors WS510- and WS700-UMB

End of this year two new weather sensors will be introduced to the market, which especially extend the global radiation measurement options. More information in the press release from 25th of September, 2014.
140925_PM_WS510__WS700_en.pdf (231,1 kB)

Lufft wins international film awards for product film "The Smartphone of Measurement Technology"

The product film for the XA1000 was the shiny winner in two categories. More to read in our press release - Published on 19.6.2014

Lufft takes over product segment of Jenoptik subsidiary ESW

Backdated to first of April, the measurement technology company Lufft were able to assume the ceilometer product range from Jenoptik and secured the exclusive worldwide distribution of the Jenoptik snow altimeter. (published 6th May, 2014)

Lufft advanced X-Generation portable Instruments to XC Series

With the XC(ellent) series Lufft now brings two additional versions with the highest precision on the market. The two hand-held instruments XC200 and XC250 are the "technicians" among the instruments of the X-Generation, values such as temperature, relative humidity and dew point can be measured.

Lufft introduces MARWIS at the Intertraffic in Amsterdam 2014

At this year's trade fair Intertraffic Amsterdam from the 25. to 28. of March 2014, Lufft will present its latest device development: the mobile sensor MARWIS. Further information in the press release (published in February 2014)

14-02-20_Lufft_introduces_MARWIS_at_Intertraffic_Amsterdam_2014_en.pdf (318,6 kB)

Lufft provides compact weather stations for meteorological data monitoring to one of the largest solar projects in the U.S.

In Southern California's Imperial Valley one of the largest solar projects in the U.S. is being created currently. The two Lufft weather stations WS500-UMB and WS503-UMB are among the best monitoring instruments and collect real-time weather data for the plant. (Published January 2014)
2014-01-PR_Lufft_provides_compact_weather_stations_for_solar_monitoring_en.pdf (241,0 kB)

Lufft launched new intelligent passive road sensor IRS31Pro-UMB

Press release about product launch of the new passive road sensor IRS31Pro-UMB.
(Published in November 2013)
2013-11_PR_Lufft-launched-new-road-sensor-IRS31Pro-UMB_en.pdf (215,0 kB)

Incorporate accurate weather data into your agricultural business

Press Release from LufftUSA about integration of WS family for All-in-One agrometeorological Solutions! (Published November 2013)
2013-11_Lufft_integrates_weather-Stations-to-create-all-in-one-agrometeorolical-solutions_en.pdf (293,5 kB)

Intelligent Weather Stations to Improve Efficiency of commercial Solar Panels

Lufft USA - Press release about Intelligent Weather Stations with On-Board Kipp & Zonen Pyranometer to Improve Efficiency of Commercial Solar Panel Arrays. (Published 10/2013)
2013-10_PR_Lufft_USA_Releases_Intelligent_Weather_Station_en.pdf (163,9 kB)

Lufft presents newest generation of handheld devices with the Lufft XA1000

The XA1000 represents a revolutionary development in the market for handheld instruments.
More product information in our press release (Published Sept. 2013)
2013-09_Lufft_presents_newest_generation_of_handheld_devices_XA1000_en.pdf (221,6 kB)

Taking No Chances: Appalachian University Uses Severe Weather Monitoring

Application Story about First-of-its-kind integrated weather monitoring and forecasting system. It will protect from extreme heat, high winds, lightning strikes and other weather dangers. (Published in August 2013)
2013-08_PM_Appalachian-State-University_Severe-Weather-Monitoring_en.pdf (488,2 kB)
2013-08_PM_Weather_sensors__monitor_weather_conditions_at_university_en.pdf (94,1 kB)

G. Lufft Weather Sensors to Track Weather at 2014 FIFA World Cup

FIFA Confederations Cup 2013 and FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil - the company G. Lufft takes part! The manufacturer of environmental measurement sensors delivers sensors for monitoring of weather data in the soccer stadiums. (published in July 2013)
2013-07-23_G._Lufft_Weather_Sensors_Track_Weather_at_2014_FIFA_World_Cup_en.pdf (331,3 kB)

Road weather information system (RWIS) on Russian highways

Press release from our partner OJSC "Moskovskie dorogi" about the installation of a huge road weather information system (RWIS) on Russian highways. (published in July 2013)
2013-07-20_PM_Lufft-OJSC-creates-automating_road_weather_information_system_en.pdf (195,6 kB)

Wind Measurement Systems Used on High-Speed Railway Lines in China

Press release about applications in railway traffic. Railway construction companies in China are relying on Lufft sensors to monitor environmental conditions. (Published in May 2013)
2013-05-27_PM_Lufft-Wind-Measurement-Used-on-High-Speed-Railways-in-China_en.pdf (202,6 kB)

To protect the environment - particulate measurement with Grimm and Lufft

Grimm Aerosol Technik, an industry leader in the field of particulate measurement, relies on sensors made by G. Lufft GmbH for its instruments. (Published in March 2013)
2013-03-28_PM_Lufft-To_protect_the_environment_-_particulate_measurement_en.pdf (149,5 kB)

Exhibition report - Expotraffic - Moscow - OJSC "Moscow Roads" (MRoads)

Exhibition report about Expotraffic (Moscow - 12th of March, 2013) with our partner OJSC "Moscow Roads" (MRoads). (Published in March 2013)
2013-03-25_PM_Lufft-Post-Press-Release_Expotraffic_en.pdf (441,5 kB)

WS Family of Products: Measurement & Control Technology as a compact Solution

The WS family includes various compact weather stations aimed at the diverse requirements of the fields of meteorology, agricultural technology, hydrology, early risk detection, transportation, and renewable energy. (Published in January 2013)
2013-01-25_PM_Lufft-WS-Product-family-as-compact-solution_en.pdf (196,5 kB)

Lufft named "Brand of the Century"

Lufft honored with the German Standards Brand Prize and an entry in the lexicon "German Standards - Brands of the Century." Book publisher Dr. Florian Langenscheidt handed the German Standards Brand Prize over to Lufft CEO Klaus Hirzel. (published November 2012)
2012-11-23_PR_Lufft_Brand-of-the-Century_en.pdf (183,2 kB)

G. LUFFT GmbH establishes subsidiary in China

In this press release everything will be focused on China - the Middle Kingdom. You will find some reasons that have led Lufft to establish the subsidary, besides impressive market data and exciting application examples. Published in September 2012
2012-09-12_PR_Lufft_establishes_Subsidiary_in_China_en.pdf (145,0 kB)

Stop bad air: Improved indoor air quality with Opus20 TCO by G. Lufft

People's wellness has always depended on the carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in air. Our Opus20 TCO can measure CO2 concentration. In the following press release you can read more about this product and CO2. Published in July 2012
2012-07-02_PR_OPUS20_TCO_indoorclimate_en.pdf (98,3 kB)

Lufft Ultrasonic Wind Sensors: Quality Made in Germany

The future's energy is in the wind. G. Lufft was at the forefront of this new technology years ago.
In the following press release you can read about this topic. Published in March 2012
2012-04-04_PR_Ultrasonic-Wind-sensor_en.pdf (218,9 kB)

Winter Safety: G. Lufft Intelligent Road Conditions Information Systems

Reliable winter service is the foundation for safe transportation - especially in cold weather. In the following press release you can read about this topic. Published in January 2012
2012-01-31_PR_Winter_Safety_en.pdf (67,5 kB)

Perfect Pharma Monitoring Systems

Application notes about Datalogger-supported 21 CFR 11 Monitoring Systems (Electronic Records)
Published in June 2008
2008-06-03_PR_Pharma_Monitoring_en.pdf (479,9 kB)

Are you interested in what was published about us in the past? If so, you can find our press review here:

Press Review

Intl. Environmental Technology - Smart and Sustainable Environmental Sensors

Introduction of the new, highly-precise Lufft WS3000 weather sensor in both the International Environmental Technology Magazine and the online pendant Envirotech-Online (published on October 7, 2016).
2016-10-07_Intl_Enviro_Tech_Smart_&_Sustainable_Enviro_Sensors_WS3000_P6_EN.pdf (261,1 kB)

The Global Road Safety Review - Lufft updates MARWIS sensor

Short article about the new MARWIS version with ambient temperature sensor (published in The Global Road Safety Review sponsored by iTS international and World Highways on October 20, 2016).
2016-10-20_PS_The_Global_Road_Safety_Review_Lufft_updates_MARWIS_sensor_en.pdf (77,4 kB)

Newsletter MeteoMet - The Era of the New Weather Sensors

In the frame of the upcoming WMO CIMO TECO conference, the organizers spread a newsletter including a Lufft article of several pages introducing the new generation of weather sensors (published on first of June, 2016).
MeteoMet_Newsletter_n1_EN.pdf (7.585,4 kB)

PES WIND: Made to measure or off the shelf? Wind sensors for control of Wind turbines

Klaus Hirzel, CEO at Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH, questions in this article of the PES WIND magazine why turbine manufacturers have never asked suppliers for their ideal set of environmental sensors. (Published April 2016)
2016-04-PS_PES-Wind_Made-to-measure-or-off-the-shelf-Wind-turbine_EN.pdf (1.826,8 kB)

Meteorological Technology International - Put to the Test

Article about on-site calibration and factory certificates as key element for proof of reliability for weather stations (published in Meteorological Technology International on April 10, 2016).
2016-04-PS_MTI-Lufft-Put-to-the-test-factory-certificate_EN.pdf (1.240,0 kB)

ITS Intertraffic Preview - Lufft to deput two new innovations

Announcement of the new products which we will exhibit at this year's Intertraffic Amsterdam - the international fair for transport technologies (published on p. 27 of the ITS International Intertraffic Preview 2016, February 29, 2016).
» 2016 ITS International Intertraffic Preview digital - Lufft to deput two new innovations EN

Le Moniteur - Sensors determine road conditions

French article about the benefits and functions of the mobile and stationary road sensors from Lufft - presented by our OTT France partner Nouredine Hafsaoui (published in the "Le Moniteur" issue of February 19, 2016, read more on LeMoniteur.fr).
2016-02-19_Le_Moniteur_Des_capteurs_determinent_letat_de_la_chaussee_EN.pdf (741,2 kB)

International Environmental Technology - Sensor Technology with Accuracy beyond Your Imagination

Press article presenting the new highly precise WS3000 weather sensor which had its first grand appearance at the annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society in January 2016 (published in International Environmental Technology and on the magazine's online portal on January 26, 2016).
» 2016-01-14 International Environmental Technology Sensor with Accuracy beyond Your Imagination

IHS Jane's Airport Review - Momentum builds for harmonised global runway condition reporting

Detailed article about different methods to determine the runway condition on airports the best. This also includes new insights from MARWIS tester Team Eagle in Canada (published in IHS Jane's Airport Review in October, 2015).
2015-10_IHS_Janes_Airport_Review_P38-39_en.pdf (1.517,3 kB)

PES Solar - Offering so much to solar - whatever the weather

Lufft weather sensors for the use in photovoltaic systems: How it all began, what projects are pending, and which of our multifunctional sensors meet the high demands of large solar systems (published in PES Solar, Issue 27, 2015).
PES_Solar_Issue_27_2015_LUFFT_P80-84_EN.pdf (233,9 kB)

PES Wind - Measuring Change

Cross section of the wind measurement applications covered by the Lufft ultrasonic wind sensor VENTUS-UMB as well as the WS family in general (published in the PES Wind on September 11, 2015;)
PES_Wind_Measuring_Change_P89ff_EN.pdf (106,0 kB)

Meteorological Technology International - Risky Business

Article about Lufft ceilometer CHM 15k and the expansion of its worldwide measurement network in order to e.g. detect vulcano ash in the sky (published in Meteorological Technology International on August 31).
2015-09-Meteo-Technology-International_Risky_Business_EN.pdf (476,8 kB)

ITS International - There for the asking?

The ITS international issue of July/ August 2015 focuses on the topic "Weather & Winter Maintenance". Related to this, it includes an article about MARWIS. It summarizes, why the market introduction doen't mean an end of the product development at all and why our customers are quite creative when it comes to possible fields of application for the new mobile sensor (published in ITS international on August 10, 2015).
ITS_International_July_August_2015_There_for_the_asking_EN.pdf (718,3 kB)

Meteorological Technology International Magazine - SENSORS AND SENSIBILITY

The need for smart environmental sensing technology! That is what is all about in this article, which was published in the April 2015 - issue of the Meteorological Technology International Magazine. (published in April 2015)
2015-04-PS_Meteorological-Technology-International_Sensors-and-Sensibility_EN.pdf (633,1 kB)

Environmental Monitor - WS501 Weather Sensor on Data Buoy

This month's Fondriest publication "Environmental Monitor" showcased the Luffts smart weather sensor WS501. Read in the article why the Pennsylvania community embraces a data buoy with our WS501 on their Lake Erie waters. (Published in December 2014)
2014_12-PS_environmental-Monitor_Lufft-WS501-on-data-buoy_en.pdf (438,4 kB)

ITS Detroit - Daily News - MARWIS is king of the road

In the daily news issue of the ITS Detroit exhibitition a short article about our first mobile road sensor MARWIS as king of the road was published. (09-2014)
2014-09-24_PS_ITS-Detroit-MARWIS-is-king-of-the-road_EN.pdf (552,7 kB)

ITS International - Smart move on the weather front

Our mobile weather sensor MARWIS provides authorities with new options for monitoring road conditions and winter maintenance operations. Here you can find a two-sided article abouth these options and the new sensor in the July/August edition of ITS international (published on 25th of August 2014).
2014-08_ITS_Int._Smart_move_on_the_weather_front_EN.pdf (1.619,7 kB)

Meteorological Technology World - Sensing Change

In the latest issue of Meteorological Technology World you can find a lot of information about our new optical sensors, the SHM30 snow height/depth sensor and the CHM15k cloud height sensor. (Published 08-2014)
2014_08_PS_Meteo-Technology-World_Sensing-Change_SHM30_CHM15_Laser-measurement_EN.pdf (547,1 kB)

Traffic Technology International - Innovative Sensor Design ensures precise Measurement

Press article in Traffic Technology International about the MARWIS and the IRS31Pro-UMB at Intertraffic Amsterdam. Published in April/May 2014 issue.
2014-05_TTI_Innovative_sensor_design_ensures_precise_measurements_en.pdf (240,5 kB)

MARWIS delivers weather information on the move

Article about the MARWIS presentation at Intertraffic Amsterdam.
(published in third version of Intertraffic Amsterdam Dailynews on Thursday, 27th of March 2014)
2014-03_Intertraffic_News_MARWIS_Delivers_Weather_Info_on_the_Move_P.26_en.pdf (488,7 kB)

Traffic Technology Intl. - RWIS goes mobile

Article about the introduction of MARWIS and how the road sensors have been developed. Published in Published in the magazine Traffic Technology International, February/March 2014.
2014-03_TTI_RWIS_goes_mobile_en.pdf (235,0 kB)

Meteorological Technology Intl. - Automatic weather stations for evapotranspiration

Article in the magazine "Metorological Technology Intl." - Issue August 2013 - about the deployment of remote automatic weather stations to determine evapotranspiration according to the Penman-Monteith formula!
2013-10_PS_Meteorology-OTT-automatic_weather_stations_evapotranspiration_en.pdf (5.080,9 kB)

Watauga Democrat newspaper - ASU features weather monitoring system

Newspaper article about the Appalachian State University and real time weather monitoring with Lufft WS600-UMB sensor for protection of severe-weather dangers. (Published in August 2013)
2013-08-11_PS_Watauga-Democrat_ASU-features-weather-monitoring-system_EN.pdf (1.612,8 kB)

Diplomatic Journal - Our technology helps to save lives

Interview with Klaus Hirzel, CEO of G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH. Published in the April 2013 issue of the journal "Diplomatisches Magazin".
2013-03-25_PS_Diplomatisches_Magazin_Our_technology_helps_to_save_lifes_en.pdf (178,6 kB)

Magazine Sun and Wind Energy - Solar Monitoring Station with WS500-UMB

Article about the Solar Monitoring Station with integrated WS500-UMB from our partner ECO Instruments Europe B.V. - Publiced in the magazine Sun and Wind Energy (05 / 2012)
2012-05-07_PS_Sun-Wind-Energy_Solar_Monitoring_Station_EN.pdf (995,2 kB)

Wind-Energy-Guide Baden-Württemberg - 100 per cent precise and reliable

Article about Lufft and the ultrasonic anemometer Ventus
Published in March 2012, Publisher: Baden-Württemberg international
2012-04-02_PS_Wind-Energy-Guide_Ventus_en.pdf (544,9 kB)

Spanish Newspaper El Mundo - De-icing Spray System (Spanish language!)

Spanish article about a De-icing Spray System in Russia with Lufft sensors.
Publiced in El Mundo (Spain) - 2nd April 2012
2012-04-02_PS_Articulo_El-Mundo_SPAIN_en.pdf (441,9 kB)

Spanish Newspaper heraldo de Aragón - De-icing Spray System (Spanish language!)

Spanish article about a De-icing Spray System in Russia with Lufft sensors.
Publiced in Heraldo de Aragón (Spain) - 17th February 2012
2012-02-17_PS_Articulo-heraldo_SPAIN_en.pdf (1.055,0 kB)

Finnish Magazine Suomen Kiinteistölehi - OPUS20 Datalogger (Finnish language!)

Finnish article about Luffts OPUS20 datalogger series.
Publiced from our partner "Moreall Oy" in the magazine Suomen Kiinteistölehi (Edition 2/2012)
2012-02-15_PS_OPUS20_Finnish-magazine_en.pdf (422,9 kB)

Magazine Traffic Technology International - NIRS31-UMB

Article about Luffts non-invasive pavement condition sensor NIRS31-UMB.
Published in October / November 2011
2011-10-14_PS_traffic_technology_NIRS31_en.pdf (2.493,8 kB)

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